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Basketball Intelligence Pathway

Full Name:






Heights: 6'5

Weight: 220lbs

Gender: Male

Home Town: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Club: Hills Hornets, Castle Hill

Brief Bio: 

Born in Auckland, New Zealand in 2001; Samoa and Niuean European heritage. Ammaron migrated to Australia 2004, later committed to Westfield Sports High School (WSHS) through their basketball program Y9-Y12, He rapidly proved himself as a gifted athlete and soon after represented WSHS in basketball competitions, in regional, state and national tournaments. In 2018 Ammaron at the age of 17yrs old, secured a spot playing international basketball (Senior Men's) representing his native country Samoa at the FIBA Polynesian Cup, Pacific Games 2019 Qualifier; Ammaron has a high IQ and scoring ability, an intelligent player, a strong athlete, utilising his statue and drives inside with an accurate three-pointer from the outside; his acceleration and quickness on his defensive and offensive reaction, averaging 26 points per game at the national level. A recipient of MVP Club Marconi Grant Sports Award in Basketball WSHS graduations 2019, Silver Medalist 2018 FIBA Polynesian Cup Championships, and Silver Medalist NSW State Rep at Australia National Championships 2019. 

Representative Basketball:

Youth League, Hills Hornets Castle Hill
Regional School, Westfield Sports High School
All School College, Westfield Sports High School & Region 
New South Wales State, Selection
National Samoa Senior Men's, Selection from Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and America

NCAA ID: 2001791105

Grad: Dec 2019

Enroll: Fall 2020

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