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Our work (Art & Design) is changing the way the art world works

Through our innovative approach, we have empowered the creative sector to rise above the status quo and radically transform its business practices.

Our clients include galleries, art collectors (private and public), interior designers, and architects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Saltwater Community Centre supports the arts community, residents, community leaders, associations and groups to run exhibitions, workshops, shows, activities, programs and events for the wider neighbourhood to participate in. The centre aims to reflect the aspirations and strengths of the neighbourhood in the Saltwater area.

Tender, research, community collaboration, concept development, design, creation and installation.

One of the highlights was the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival forum, bringing together critical thinkers, Oceanic artisans based in Australia, and industry professionals to actively work to improve a Pacifica voice and Arts in an Australian context.

Invitation, carving onsite during the event, curated and presented a solo exhibition at the Wyndham Art Gallery, community engagements, artist collaboration.