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Supporting Our Pacific Business Community - Aotearoa New Zealand

We're excited to announce our newest partnership.

After numerous discussions and zoom meetings, we're very proud to be partnering with Pacific owned & operated The Pacific Business Hub, a Pacific family-owned business that operates as a Social Enterprise.

It was established in February 2019 to cater to the increasing demand for business support for the Pacific business community. It provides affordable office solutions and practical business support to businesses owned and operated by Pacific people.

McCarthy Brands New Zealand will help and support TPBH connecting our Pacific, Maori, and Indigenous peoples with their future.

To commemorate this new opportunity we're offering 10% OFF [Code: TPBH22] for a limited time on all purchases from McCarthy Brands online stores.

Check it out:

Book an online appointment with any of the below business consultants - available in New Zealand and Australia. Select your availability and book instantly.

NEED HELP: | Australia 02 9844 5807 | New Zealand 027 290 0694

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